Magnesium Spray (Ironman)


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      IRONMAN Magnesium Spray is essential for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body and plays a vital role in energy production and muscle recovery. Strenuous exercise causes the body to deplete magnesium supplies through sweat and an accelerated metabolism. This leads to higher levels of magnesium deficiency which is proven to impair performance and hinder recovery. Ironman Magnesium Spray contains 100% natural magnesium chloride to help replenish the body’s magnesium supplies and keeps you performing at your best.


      - Muscular Cramps and Soreness.
      - Injuries and Pain Relief.
      - Energy Production.
      - Acceleration of the Recovery Process.
      - Restoring Magnesium Levels.
      - Joint and Bone Health.


      Start by spraying sparingly and gradually build up as required, massage into the skin. Re apply when ever needed. Mild tingling may be experienced, this may indicate low levels of magnesium and is normal for some individuals. If tingling causes discomfort apply to damp skin for the first week.

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