Water Bottle Carrier - Blue (holds 8 bottles)


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      The BOA V8 Water Bottle carrier is designed to hold different sized bottles, while also making it comfortable to hold when filled. This carrier holds 8 water bottles. Available in blue. It is 100% Australian Made. Suitable for all MST drink bottles. Drink bottles not included.

      - Premium Sports Drink Bottle Carrier made from top grade, tough and durable Polypropylene.

      - Holds up to 8 sports drink bottles-remains stable.

      - Lightweight (520g) and easy to run with in a sports environment.

      - Designed, tested and made in Australia.

      - Exported globally.

      - Ergonomic handle. Flexible tabs to restrain varying sized bottles.

      - Its been used in every NRL State of Origin match for the last few years and even made its way onto the field on the biggest stage in the world- the 2010 FIFA World Cup final.




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